The bids for the 8th (and last) contract for the construction of Patra-Pyrgos Motorway, with a total length of 75 km, was finalized yesterday.

The latest contender to win the last contract was the Italian GD INFRASTRUTTURE with a discount of 52.4%.
The completion of the bids for the 8th contract will finally allow the end of the pre-contractual period, which will open with the signing of the contracts and the beginning of the construction stage, sometime in 2018. It is reminded that the funding of the project will be covered by NSRF 2014-2020. The duration of the construction is 42 months putting the completion and operation of the project in 2022.
Pending issues, before the final signatures, include the approval of the contracts by the Court of Auditors (a process that usually takes 2-4 months) and the ratification by the Greek Parliament.
The project has been included inNSRF 2014-2020, since October 2017, with 355.60mln euros. The contractors are:
1st contract: PYRGOS-DUNEIKA (12.7.16), 67.2mln euros, TOXOTIS-CONSTRUCTION GROUP with a 53.05% discount.
2nd contract: DUNEIKA-AMALIADA (17.5.16), 54,5mln euros, TOXOTIS-CONSTRUCTION GROUP with a 55,32% discount.
3rd contract: AMALIADA-KYLLINI (14.6.16), 56,16mln euros, TOXOTIS-CONSTRUCTION GROUP with a 57,45% discount.
4th contract: KYLLINI-VARDA, (7.2.17), 74,01mln euros, TOXOTIS-CONSTRUCTION GROUP with a 50,39% discount.
5th contract: VARDA-SAGHEIKA: (4.4.17), 74,37mln euros, XANTHAKIS-INTERKAT with a 49,90% discount.
6th contract: SAGHEIKA-KATO ACHAGHIA (30.5.17), 74,39mln euros, DG INFRASTRUTTURE with a 53.40% discount.
7th contract: KATO ACHAGIA-PATRAS INDUSTRIAL AREA (25.7.17), 35,79mln euros, INTERKAT with a 50,99% discount .
8th Contract: PATRAS INDUSTRIAL AREA-MITILOGLI (14.3.18), 74,4mln euros, DG INFRASTRUTTURE with a 52,40% discount.