The Pinturicchio Gardens - Milan

A green spot in the city

Experience the big city, but in relaxation

Living in a big city like Milan also means inhabiting its frenetic streets and urban bustle. Coming home after a stressful day at work and finding the pleasure of living in relaxation in a green and lush refuge can significantly increase the quality of your life, without giving up proximity to the centre.

In “Gli Orti del Pinturicchio” we wanted to recreate a healthy environment with external, but also “internal” beauty. Here urban gardens will welcome you for a relaxing aperitif on the rooftop or a fun dinner with friends on the terrace, in the silence of nature. A place of well-being, welcoming. A place called Home.

Green is the dominant color of “Gli Orti del Pinturicchio”. An important glance that imposes itself, but with delicacy and grace, integrating perfectly into the neighborhood and enhancing its streets.

The building will be located in via Pinturicchio n. 18/A, one of the most prestigious streets in the center of the Città Studi district in Milan, known for hosting high-prestige institutions such as the Polytechnic of Milan and the State University, together with renowned private and public clinics, including the National Institute for the study and treatment of tumors and the Carlo Besta National Neurological Institute. An area also full of nursery schools, elementary, middle and high schools.

Few apartments, more space for everyone

Six apartments with a unique design distributed over three levels, as well as ten large garages in the basement, accessible via a convenient ramp. A highly sustainable building, with a covered area of approximately 260 m2, which allowed the recovery of space for green areas.

The luxury finishes and large sliding panoramic windows create a lharmonious connection between internal and external spaces. Advanced anti-seismic measures guarantee safety and reliability. The underfloor heating system and the autonomously managed cooling channeled inside the false ceilings guarantee an always optimal temperature. The system of home automation cutting-edge, it allows you to manage and control your home even remotely, helping to guarantee superior comfort. The high level of energy efficiency is guaranteed by advanced insulation materials and technologies, which bring the apartments to the essential "A4" energy class. The top floor houses a modern roof garden with a horizontal vegetable garden, barbecue and solarium, available to all condominiums.

Because Green is more beautiful

What makes the architectural complex unique is the study of the greenery of the project (the urban vegetable garden and the Rain Garden). The planned green surfaces cover 100% of the territorial surface for a total of 650 m2 of which 300 horizontal and 350 vertical.

The property features an "Urban Villa" on the ground floor, a rare and innovative idea in the Milanese urban panorama, which includes a very large garden, equipped with every comfort and optional features such as a swimming pool with counter-current swimming. The ground floor thus guarantees a unique and welcoming access, which aims to place the condominiums and their guests in a sort of entrance transition.

The large verandas of 200 m2 in total on the two upper floors significantly enrich the complex by increasing the external spaces, with parapets and border walls that show vertical green walls on the outside and which allow the interior to have a system of "armed lands" to plant an urban vegetable garden pertaining to each individual housing unit. Each apartment will have a space located on the top floor of the building, where everyone can grow their own vegetables. The colorful and flavorful character of these gardens places the person at the center of nature. Colours, scents and flavors that taste like family.

The “climate impact reduction” index will be no less than 0.2 as provided for in art. 10 paragraph 4 of the Implementation Rules of the Rules Plan. The envisaged solutions refer to compensation measures with the restoration of free soil, therefore to the transformation of anthropic areas into green areas, called “Rain Gardens”, permeable for the flow and infiltration of rainwater which will be connected to a system of accumulation and conservation of the same, with the consequent water saving resulting from its reuse.

Strategic position

The location of this property, in the "Città Studi" district, makes the operation particularly interesting, as the surrounding area is served by an underground station (Line M2: Piazzale Piola station) and 17 surface transport stops .

“Our customers are increasingly attentive to environmental sustainability and the energy efficiency of their homes. This is why all our redevelopment projects are based on the full integration of the property with the external spaces, in which greenery co-exists with the entire context. There is a growing awareness that you can live surrounded by greenery even in a city like Milan. In our buildings we are creating private vegetable gardens for each housing unit, with the dual utility of having zero-mile vegetation and vegetables. The idea of self-sustaining buildings is emerging more and more, of places that are not only ‘home’ as we have always understood it up to now, but places of all-round life, real Smart Homes”.

Carmelo Gitto, titolare GD Infrastrutture, al prestigioso magazine economico Fortune Italia

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