Constantly committed to building modern and sustainable living spaces

GD Infrastrutture follows and coordinates all phases of its projects

from the study and analysis of the territory to the research area to be qualified, from acquisition to sale, up to property management.

It operates in Italy and abroad, both in the public and private sectors.

In the private sector, it operates through the acquisition and development of urban redevelopment projects, using specific skills in the design and construction of residential properties.

Research and acquisition of the area to be qualified

Development of the project in all its phases

Turnkey construction

Our Real Estate projects

The Pinturicchio Gardens - Milan

Living in a big city like Milan also means inhabiting its frenetic streets and urban bustle.

Taormina - Sicily

Imagine waking up every morning to a panoramic view of the Sicilian coast, with the majestic Etna volcano as a backdrop.

Ostiense Apartments - Rome

The project in Rome Ostiense was born from the need of some customers with a vision of...

Palazzo Savarino - Milan

Comfort, safety and eco-sustainability come together in this property in Milan.

Guerzoni 15 - Milan

The works involved the transformation, with a change of intended use from tertiary to residential and different distribution

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Head of Legal Affairs

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Technical director

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