‘Palazzo Savarino’ – Milan

Comfort and luxury

Comfort, safety and eco-sustainability come together in this property in Milan. Palazzo Savarino, in the Maciachini district, represents a new concept of reconversion, starting from the demolition of a dilapidated building and partially implementing a change of intended use.

It involved a demolition and reconstruction of a building made up of two buildings with a reinforced concrete structure, as well as a basement - used as a garage and technical rooms - extending across the entire surface of the lot. The construction has significantly redeveloped the entire area, while integrating with the surrounding neighborhood.

The total volume above ground extends for approximately 3017 cubic meters, while the underground volume amounts to approximately 1527 cubic meters. The complex is located in an area of great excitement and enjoys a relaxing view of the Niccolò Savarino park.
The redevelopment intervention concerned both the energy and seismic aspects. The structural interventions have in fact allowed a reduction in the seismic risk of the construction of six classrooms compared to the pre-construction situation. The real estate units were built in energy class A, guaranteeing low consumption with significant savings on energy costs, adopting a solution that benefits the environment.

The first building is an elegant building consisting of a ground floor used for commercial activities, perfect for high quality shops and services. Four residential floors house eight residential units. At the top of the building, a condominium "Rooftop" offers an exclusive space for condominiums, ideal for moments of relaxation and socialization with a panoramic view of the park.

The second building is a one-of-a-kind residence: a single-family villa of modern conception, within a lively city like Milan, with two elevations above ground that offer approximately 180 square meters of residential space, surrounded by large gardens. The ideal place for families who love living in the city, without giving up open spaces.